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  2. June 2021
Successfully graduating with Law degree while freelancing in South Africa

As we continue sharing the stories of the many talented freelancers on AfriBlocks, we sat down with Akudzwe Mhangami. Akudzwe has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree from the in South Africa, but she hasn’t stopped there. She is also an entrepreneur as a freelance photographer and a budding young lea...

AfriBlocks DataCamp partner to offer FREE courses to African Freelancers

Here at AfriBlocks, we feel a strong sense of commitment to our customers and the freelancers powering our platform. As we strive to equip our freelancers with everything needed to perform at a high level and nurture their talents, upskilling is a critical component of our program. We encourage our freelancers to constantly...

Kscope is the yellow pages for African businesses

At AfriBlocks, we provide African talent to the continent and beyond. Through our platform, we have come across remarkable companies with a similar dedication to spread Africa to the world. They have brought their visions to life by creating African-based forums in various locations globally that bring the Motherland right to your doorstep.