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AfriBlocks to Host Global Blockchain Career Fair in Washington DC

The 5th Black Blockchain Summit is around the corner, and will be hosting the Global Blockchain Career Fair during this year’s celebration of the summit. The career fair will be held at Howard University in Washington DC between the 23rd and 24th of September 2022. The career fair will bring together students from HBCUs ...

Top 5 Remote Work Etiquette Tips to Help You Be a Better Workmate

The gig economy has created work environments that are different from the ones we were used to. The changes that have happened in the way people approach work have resulted in the growth of freelance and remote work. When we are in office spaces that we share with our colleagues, there are certain codes of conduct that we f...

The Metaverse is the Next Great Technological Leap

The technological strides that have been made have created room for a different approach to how we approach several aspects of life, from the social aspect of it through the professional side. is one of the major talking points in the tech world, a more advanced form of the internet as we know it that is more decentralized...