5 Self-Taught Freelance Career Ideas

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5 Self-Taught Freelance Career Ideas

Have you been thinking about adding to your skillset? This could be a valuable course of action because you could take your new skills and get paid by applying them as a freelancer. Not only can new skills equate new money. You will be more satisfied as an individual and your overall quality of life will improve. Times may be rough right now, but there has never been more opportunity. Most skills can be learned online for next to nothing. Here are a few ideas for some self-taught freelance careers.

  1. Content marketing

Are you creative with a knack for presentation? Content marketing may be up your alley. Content marketing is the process of creating engaging content for the Internet, be it blogs, websites or email campaigns. The goal is to lead customers, new and returning, to conversions. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

Odds are you’re already using social media every day. Why not use it to your advantage? Like with content marketing, if you have a creative mind and a vision for presentation, social media marketing could be a lucrative route for you. It is more focused on distributing content through social media channels than content marketing. If this sounds like the hustle for you, brush up on social media content strategy so you can serve a wider range of clients. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be for you if you are technically inclined. With the proper knowledge of SEO, you will be able to backlinks to websites, use title tags, analyze analytics and get a better understanding of how search engines like Google rank content. 

  1. Image editing

There are scores of individuals and companies that hire freelancers to make their images/photos more appealing. Learning popular design software like Photoshop could be a very valuable thing to do. You can learn how to enhance and restore old photographs, add special effects with manipulation and remove backgrounds. With more self-training, you can start creating graphics. Many business owners are too busy to do this for themselves, so they are looking for freelancers to do it for them. 

  1. Design and branding

With the emergence of the “personal brand,” branding has become more and more prevalent. Branding isn’t just for large corporations anymore. Businesses and individuals, big and small, need great branding for their identity. You can learn to design logos, custom fonts and websites for brands. With these skills, you could help take brands to the next level with sophisticated design.

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