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5 Businesses That Started As Side Hustles

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Those business owners who endure the marathon enjoy the spoils of their efforts in the form of fortune, recognition and influence. Maybe now, your business is a side hustle, but that should not be downplayed. In fact, the side hustle distinction should motivate you more than det...

Changing the narrative; How these two women have embraced freelancing

As we celebrate phenomenal women making a huge splash in their industries through the AfriBlocks platform, we cannot help but be impressed. The high caliber of work delivery, professionalism, and creativity that these ladies bring to the table cannot be understated.  Whether...

A challenged world is an alert world #ChooseToChallenge

“A challenged world is an alert world.” This is a phrase we are taking to heart this month and beyond as we celebrate women across the world, in all facets of life.  The AfriBlocks family could not agree more with this sentiment, especially when we look at our industry a...