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A challenged world is an alert world #ChooseToChallenge

“A challenged world is an alert world.” This is a phrase we are taking to heart this month and beyond as we celebrate women across the world, in all facets of life.  The AfriBlocks family could not agree more with this sentiment, especially when we look at our industry a...

The Sproutly Support Services Story

The Sproutly Support Services Story: Changing how companies deal with inequality, through African freelancers. One of the benefits that AfriBlocks offers is that the freelancers are there throughout the creative process of a project, from conceptualization to execution, mitigating the pressure on th...

From Student to Freelancer

When the pandemic hit, and governments implemented lockdowns,  the world stood at a standstill as local businesses were shut down and many jobs were lost. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted how we view and experience work.

The corporate world suddenly went from daily commutes and eight hours of work to zoom m...