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Graphic Designer born in an art directed world.

I am a Graphic Designer born in an art directed world, but I will still live through the clutter like a taxi in the yellow lane. I follow graphic design and advertising blogs from a global aspect which makes my designs trendy and up-to-date.


Junior Graphic Design Intern

  •  Junior Graphic Design Intern
  •  Nov 2014 - Dec 2014

Setting up a grid and layout for a local photography company called Eccentrics
Visual Arts. Coming up with creative yet edgy concepts for brands and also
include a 360 campaign from consumer promo, radio, print, ambient and
billboard adverts. Also designed their festive email sigantures, business cards
and comp slips. Recreated a new layout for their business profile.
Designed a new bottle shape for a bottled water and created a look and feel for
the brand. Also did the 360 campaign for this brand.

Junior Graphic Design Apprenticeship

  •  Junior Graphic Design Apprenticeship
  •  Mar 2014 - Oct 2015

To create a new logo design for a sub brand in the LSC Group called HSC the
hospitality solutions company. HSC Rockstars was created and it would be bulter
service. Spykos Foods wanted an extended visual language from the new brand
identity that was created for a fast food chain offering a range of foods types.
New design for their posters, flyers/brochures and t-shirt were designed. I also
handled Imbizo Shisanyama account with new designs of their coffee cups,
t-shirts, umbrellas, flyers/brochures, aprons. JMR Trailers a trailer part distributor
outdoor wated signage, window vynals and car signage. DFB Financial an
insurance brokers email signages, letterheads and business cards.
Driftaway a beds and pillow companys new pillow talker and a magazine advert.
Curves online a weight loss via fitness, meal plan and coaching website wanted
an online banner promoting their specials that were forthcoming. I was also
handling the print production side, checking with the printer in terms of crops
marks or bleed marks.

Graphic Designer

  •  Graphic Designer
  •  Jun 2015 - Oct 2015

Brainstorming new brand activation concepts for clients while coming up with
consumer interactions to get brand awareness. Created the campaign “Buy, Play
And Stand a Chance To Win” for Lotto, working hand-in-hand with Net#work
BBDO. Creating creative collateral for Ithube (National Lottery) e.g pamphlets,
pull up banners, gazebos, vehicle branding, promoter outfits, t-shirts, caps, etc.
Creating evironmental and expo design for conferences.
Creating retail design for brand awareness.
Creating presentation for Dzuwa for every client on-board.
Creating creative collateral artwork that are print ready (DTP).
Creating feedback presentation for clients.
Creating corporate identity for clients.
Creating stationery for a client (Business cards, flyers, price list and gift
vouchers). Recreating the website for Dzuwa Media.
Recreating new stationery for Dzuwa Media.
Managing of Dzuwa Media’s social media content of Facebook.
Also worked with brands like Hollard for the brand opening nationwide,
creating the artwork for the pull up banners, outside signage and vehicle
branding, also promotional items. Also being involved with the likes of Edrington,
Colgate Palmolive, National Lottery, OMO, Vaseline, Vodacom and Department
of Water Affairs.

Graphic Design Freelancer

  •  Graphic Design Freelancer
  •  Nov 2015 - Dec 2015

Brainstorming new ideas for Old Mutual iWyze TV Commercial and brought a
fresh, urban and trendy concept that includes young people as the target market
to influence parents into insuring with Old Mutual iWyze.
I was responsible for sketching storyboards for Old Mutual iWyze TV
Commercial, i sketched 3 storyboards of different concepts.
I drew characters for Potatoe SA that was used on their internal books of the
company. The characters was like a family that had quotes on the backcover of
the book. Designed outdoor signage for SAICA and also indoor signage to guide
people around the building from the basement to offices.
Designed T-shirt and book cover for SANBS for internal use of company.
Unisa’s stationery, business cards, letterhead, email signatures for all the different
faculties that they have. Also suggested Unisa to have new online banners.
Designed NCR’s closing banners on the website and email signature for people
sending emails. Designed NCR’s billboards and also got the artwork print ready.
Also got involved in alot of brainstorming with the creative director and copywriter
on new ways of ambient adverts around Johannesburg to Ignite Change with
PPC Cement. And also designed wallpapers for PPC Cement for internal use in
their companies computers.

Vehicle Graphic Designer

  •  Vehicle Graphic Designer
  •  Mar 2016 - May 2016

Started by learning how to use CoreiDraw for 2 weeks, Then started
shadowing the creatives that were working there to see how things
are executed and how to follow the correct process. Then after that
started doing small changes on some-of the clients vehicles.
A week after that started tracing vehicle and gettfng them to 1to10
scale. 3 Days after that putting designs onto the vehicles and
sending them to clients for approval. Once it has been approved,
I had to panel the artwork onto a width of 1.37m so it can be printed
so it could be applied onto the vehicle. There were also digicuts
for particular clients that just wanted a small piece of design onto
their car. I designed and prepped artwork for the likes of First for
Women, FlySaFair, Get Wine, Simply Asia, City of Johannesburg,
Kaya Fm, Glocell, Kreative Kindle, Boigen, Choc Cow, Just Property,
Brand Inc, Evergreens, Spit Chicken, Aquazania, Discovery,
Mintprint, Europcar, Union Life, Jacaranda Fm, Timber City,
Graffiti, Chef Knows Best, Numsa, Prysm, Addidas, Blueprint Media,
JMPD, SA Army. I had to follow the C.l. for all these brands to avoid
any changes but satisfied clients.

Mid Weight Graphic Designer

  •  Mid Weight Graphic Designer
  •  May 2016 - Mar 2017

Brainstorming new creative ideas for clients to increase foot traffic into store or
even increase the click through rate into their website through online banner
advertisement. I was part in the rebranding of Eduloan which is now Fundi. The
full identity was changed from corporate identity, business cards, letterhead,
website, comp slips, email signature, etc. I was also tasked to take the look
and feel that was designed and created a new look and feel for signage, pull up
banners and so on. Castle Lite was also another exciting brand i worked on for the
pitch, where we had to spark curiosity in the minds of Castle Lite consumers’ by
bringing The Rap King Kendrick Lamar. I worked on alot of pitch work Riverbed
was going to get business from. I also worked on the Bayer’s pitch, which we
won. I worked on the Satrlx pitch which we won. I also worked on the Diageo
pitch which we won. I also designed logos for an institution called Moshal
Maharashi Scholarship which they liked. I also work on a pitch for Medshield i
created the infographics that explain the stats of people that have medical aid
and ones that don’t. Potatoe SA Is also one of Riverbeds clients and i created a
conceptualized book cover that was used internally for the staff. KFC was also a
pitch we won for the events. So KFC used Riverbed for the events colletaral from
the conceptualizing to the executing of the concept. Riverbed also had an internal
activity they did for staff, and i designed the birthday cards, farewell cards. I also
got a chance to design the internal walls of the company since Riverbed moved to a
new place. So i was tasked to design the walls inside that was conceptually driven.

Mid Welght Graphic Design Freelancer

  •  Mid Welght Graphic Design Freelancer
  •  May 2017 - Oct 2017

Creating mailers for BMW SA and their dealerships all aroundSouth Africa,
Designing these mailers by using an exsiting templateto keep within the BMW
C.I. Adobe Dreamweaver, AdobeIllustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
InDesign were the mainsoftwares that were used to execute most mailers. BMW
also wanted us as an agency to upload mailers for the BMW dealershipsaround
South African. This would allow the to send it to their consumers to inform the
consumers about the latest sales on vehicles or specials on servicing the car. We
also did Facebook,Instagram, LinkedIn posts for BMW nationwide dealerships.
I also worked on MINI SA on doing basically the same job. Which was to create
mailers for their Nationwide dealerships, and also doing Social Media posts to
interact with their social media audience for the Nationwide dealerships. I also got
a chance to work on brand like SANParks Honorary Rangers on creating their
mailers and social media posts. Bestmed on designing their brochures that would
be handed out to the people that are attending the events they make. Making
infographics for Bestmed for their website to be more User Interactive with the
foor traffic that the website gets on a daily. Dell was a client that always wanted
brochures designed, Mock-Up of 3D collateral designed, flyers desinged on a
weekly basis and also some mailers designed for the consumers that already
had the product. SYSPRO is another international client that I got to be part of
their business venture withThe Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory. This is where i
got a chance to resize exsiting ads, design infographics for User Experience,
and Mock-Up some of the new elements onto the website.

Mid Weight Graphic Designer

  •  Mid Weight Graphic Designer
  •  Oct 2017 - Present

We sit in brainstorms for all the clients and the Account Manager briefs us on what the client is looking for and the objectives. This is when we look at what is trending in the industry and mash that up with the objectives and our thoughts and creativity. We brainstorm Expo Stands for the client and I design and create the 3D mock up of the layout for the client to approve. After the Expo Stand has been designed the User Journey will be done to show the client how the customer will become part of the campaign. This will lead to sales or contacts on database for future use. I designed the RAM Hand-To-Hand Couriers Billboards for the client to approve and the client liked all of the designs. I made the print ready on a big scale with a 300 DPI resolution on the pictures. I also designed the look and feel for RAM website. I also designed the RAM verticles, so the customers can see in detail what they actually get when they are uncertain about the courier services. From small packages, a gun to a credit card. I designed the campaign for Slipper Day for Reach for a dream in 2018 with guidance from the Creative Director. We called in Jonathan from Top Billing to interact with the kids in the photoshoot that we had to promote Slipper Day. We also had DJ Fresh on set to also take pictures with the kids for a wider target on the demographic side of celebrities. There is a company called Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management and I designed their website, business cards, letterhead and email signature for both of their offices in South Africa and United Kingdom. We also had a Tax Season Campaign for the investors on LinkedIn and Twitter and also send them mailers to inform them about the Tax Season. Accenture is a well-known in the digital industry, I have designed social media posts for Accenture and their sub-companies within that umbrella company. I designed from interactive video's to static infographics and GIF's for the company. I have also worked on brands like: Rectron, Accenture Middle East, Plastic SA & SAPPI.