Ricky Mormor
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Full-stack Developer. Developing tools and applications to make society and the world more joyful. Currently in love with JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React & remote work

Hi, friend! I’m Ricky, a full-stack development student currently enrolled in a remote software development school that uses pair programming and real-world projects to teach development.
I’ve developed extensive knowledge in
– Front-end development: ReactJS | Redux | JQuery | RTK Query
– Back-end development: Ruby on Rails
– Databases: Postgres | MongoDB | MySql
– Styling: Styled-components | SASS | CSS-in-JS | Bootstrap | TailwindCSS
– Infra: Heroku | Netlify | Webpack | Git | Material UI | Firebase | Three.js

I began my career in the sales/marketing industry, so I’m definitely familiar with the sort of fast-paced and intense environment found at a lot of software startups. Also, I’ve spent the last several months completely immersed in a remote software development environment at Microverse which allows developers from all over the world to pair-program and build projects together.

With a background in sales/marketing, I picked up several of the skills I now use every day as a developer: problem-solving, effective communication, multi-tasking, and more. This same kind of energy is directed towards all of my work, including my growth as a software developer.

Open for exploring exciting full-stack development opportunities in startups as well as companies with scale.