Tawanda Ndemera
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node js backend developer , flutter android app developer

I started writing python about roughly three years ago back then I was using the flask framework to create web apps before I switched to django because of what I heard during my conversations with other senior developers.

The projects that boosted my knowledge about django are the ones I made at Yomastery as a freelance developer .I also am very experienced with express js just as l am with django.I got to see the other side of django and gained more experiences since I had no project of mine, these are  using celery to store asynchronous services, deploying the app on a vps server and payment integration with paypal only to mention a few. Unfortunately most of yomastery web apps are no longer on server because of investors issues but I have the code to back it up, if you are interested to see my work we can make an arrangement on a free server and I will walk you through my role .

I have a couple of apps that I made with flutter that I can showcase