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I always deliver!
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I am an emotionally mature person who enjoys supporting others in the background. Once I accept an assignment / project, I make sure that the…

Illustrator, children's books author

I am an illustrator. I also write children’s books and have published a couple of books, i authored and illustrated

Data Science/ Analysis
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Data, in my opinion, tells us more than simply numbers; it helps us understand our people and what they want. I’m interested in data science…

FullStack JS Developer
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Goal-oriented Fullstack JS Developer with strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. Use various web design software to develop customer-focused websites and designs. Committed to…

An avid learner
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Experience in using Python for data analysis combined with forecasting, machine learning and deep learning. I continually invest in improving my data science and machine…

Customer Service and Support
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Every client must be helped timeously, effectively and in the most transparent yet professional manner. The customer is the paymaster, there is no business were…

Legendary in design and we love what we do.

I am a creative multimedia designer who runs under my own registered company in Zimbabwe called Legendary Arts (LA). LA specializes in graphic designing, motion…

UI / UX Designer
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Hi, my name is Nigel Chinyakata am a UI / UX and also a Front-end Web developer I help companies and small businesses reach their…


I am a lecturer, research writer and also a qualified financial analyst and accountant. I am qualified and articulate in many disciplines including English, Accounting,…